Woman injured in Manchester Center shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

The shooting happened around 7:30 p.m. inside the mall near Shields and Blackstone in Central Fresno.

Investigators were still looking for the shooter Wednesday night. They say he shot a woman inside the mall.

She's being treated at Community Regional Medical Center in Downtown Fresno.

Police say she has serious injuries after being shot in the back.

Police say there was an argument between a barber at Colima's Barber Shop and another man.

That man, police say, tried to shoot at the barber but struck the innocent woman in the back.

The woman was here shopping with her family. Police say unfortunately she was in the line of fire.

Investigators were interviewing witnesses Wednesday night. They say 6 people saw what happened.

Action News talked with a family member of the victim who says she didn't believe it when she heard about the shooting.

"I received a text message from her daughter saying 'my mom was shot.' I thought it was a typo, and then I called her back and she said her mom was shot," Chantal Stricklan, a relative of the victim, said.

"There were only a few stores open at the time. The majority of them were closed. So there were just a few people inside the Manchester Mall when it occurred," Lt. Jose Garza of the Fresno Police Department said.

Police say the suspect ran out the doors here on the Shields Avenue side of the mall.

They say he ran south. At this point there is not much of a description of that suspect.

Police are now reviewing surveillance cameras in the mall to see if any of the shooting was recorded.

Again, one woman, an innocent bystander, was shot and taken to the hospital in serious condition.

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