Former Hanford officer sentenced on drug charges

FRESNO, Calif.

The officer will go to jail for selling drugs while on the job last year.

Ernesto Servin's family was in tears as a judge sentenced the former Hanford police officer to 6 months in jail.

Servin said very little as a judge sentenced him to 180 days in jail for selling drugs while on duty as a Hanford police officer.

Before the final sentence was handed down, Servin's attorney asked the judge if his client could serve out his sentence at home under an electronic monitoring program. The judge denied the request, saying Servin blatantly violated the public's trust.

"My client gets that, he understands that however he is prepared for the consequences and he will be surrendering himself today," attorney David A. Torres said.

Servin was arrested in May 2012 after district attorney investigators received an anonymous tip about him selling drugs on the job. An undercover investigation lead to the discovery of drugs in his car.

During the sentencing prosecutor Larry Crouch called Servin a predator, saying he used his badge and uniform to lure victims who suffered from drug addiction.

"What he was doing was stealing drugs from criminals and then supplying them to women with whom he desired to have relationships," prosecutor Larry Crouch said.

Crouch says he's happy with the sentence.

Servin's attorney says his client will move on with his life, just like he's been trying to do since his arrest last year.

Unable to find a job, Torres says Servin has been working in the field picking grapes to support his family.

"Looking at it from the perspective of having to wear a suit and tie to work and the next day having to work out in the field, one can believe that you're going to have to go start back from humble beginnings again," Torres said.

Along with his jail time, Ernesto Servin will be on probation for three years. He must also register as a narcotics offender.

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