Fresno police and CHP on the lookout for jaywalkers

FRESNO, Calif.

Traffic officers are going after anyone who crosses the street illegally.

"Ma'am can you do me a favor, go across the street and I will see you right there."

Officer Gil Hoguin spotted a woman crossing Blackstone Avenue, illegally and unsafely.

He was about to write her a citation, when a man comes ambling across the street, illegally.

"Hi sir, how are you? Do you know what jaywalking is?" The officer asks.

Yeah I screwed up, " The man responds.

Both of these pedestrians were given tickets.

Kirsten Coeho of Madera told us she knew she was wrong." I know it's a risk, I know it's my fault," she said.

Police are using enforcement to try and save lives. Last year in Fresno there were 28 traffic deaths. 16 of them involved pedestrians.

In 14 of the deaths, the pedestrians were at fault.

12 of the pedestrians killed were found to have been walking under the influence.

Bicycle safety is also part of the crackdown. Of the 3 bicyclists killed last year, two were deemed to have been at fault.

Police Sgt.Gary Beer says the rules are simple.

"Don't jump out in front of traffic. Use crosswalks," he said.

Police are also looking for motorists who don't yield to pedestrians when they should.

"At any intersection unless its posted by a sign, at any intersection whether there is a crosswalk marked or not, the pedestrian does have the right of way. But also the pedestrian can't jump out into traffic and step in front of a car that has the right of way as well so it works both ways," Beer said.

Fresno's high immigrant population is also a factor. One woman caught crossing Blackstone said she has only been in the country a few months and told the officer she didn't know the rules.

He advised her: "We would like you to use the crosswalk, rather than walk over here."

"I'm sorry." She responded.

She was luck and got off with a warning. The fine for failing to use a crosswalk, failing to obey traffic signals or jaywalking is $108.

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