Warm weather has bees working overtime

FRESNO, Calif.

Larry Viani says the warm weather has them working long hours.

"Usually you can walk by or drive by, this year don't even try, they are just all out. Those hives warm up, they have like a little thermometer, at 52 degrees they come out and they stay out until it gets back to that temperature, or dark," Larry Viani of Viani Farms said.

"The earlier you get the tomatoes in the ground, the earlier your crop comes off and the price is better. Plus, if you can get the crop in the ground as early as this without frost, then it's more beneficial," Nelson Porath of Merced County said.

Farm adviser Scott Stoddard says these conditions make it easy to control how much water the plants get through irrigation.

"It not only applies to these vegetable crops, but there's a lot of agronomic crops, cotton, corn as well that actually benefit from warm, dry springs," Stoddard said.

But many growers are concerned about a lack of water in the months ahead which could prove to be a very pricey problem. They're hoping this warm weather will give way to a wet April.

"let's hope for that, otherwise they're going to cut us back quite a bit, so the water situation will hurt us," Viani said.

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