Warm weather triggers early allergy season

FRESNO, Calif.

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Experts say the recent stretches of warm weather this year have triggered an early allergy season.

Many trees, flowers and grasses are already blooming, releasing pollen into the air. The result has been uncomfortable for many people who suffer from allergies.

"I believe last year I didn't get it until May but now it come on," said Sara Offen. "The trees seem to be blooming earlier. The wind is picking up every so often with the weather keep changing so yeah it's been pretty bad."

"With all the soil moist and the temperature is right so we got this abundance of the pollens and everything started blooming all of a sudden," Dr. Aminian said. "So we have all these people coming in with stuffy nose, runny nose and wheezing."

Dr. Aminian says it is important allergy sufferers keep their windows closed at home, because the cool breeze also brings pollen inside.

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