San Francisco law firm wants to put stop to hazing

FRESNO, Calif.

Attorneys are after 6 different people who were at the fraternity on the night in question. They're after both the local and national chapters of the Theta Chi Fraternity.

You'll recall prosecutors have already filed hazing charges against the two Theta Chi members they believe provided the alcohol for the party as well as the chapter president. This latest court filing is a civil lawsuit seeking damages stemming from Philip Dhanens' death.

Attorneys tell Action News they're looking for prevention and public awareness, and they ultimately want a court order to stop fraternities from this sort of "bid night" rituals.

They also say a 911 call would have saved the teens life. Dhanens was one of 14 pledges who were taken into a room at Theta Chi back in August of 2012.

They were given several bottles of alcohol and police say they were told they couldn't leave the room until the alcohol was gone. Investigators say Dhanens had the equivalent of 37 shots of alcohol that night.

Investigators say his blood alcohol measured near .40.

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