Fresno State Gibson Farm Market opens

FRESNO, Calif.

After a year of construction, the Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market had its grand opening and shoppers packed in to sample and buy Fresno State food.

Hilary Rodriguez of Fresno said, "I got some sausage and some wine, stuff we normally get and we'll come back when the corn comes because it's really good."

The new market is almost twice as big as the previous facility, which was retro fitted over the years to feed the community's desire for local products.

The Gibson Farm Market has a variety of produce from oranges to lemons and more. And the ever so popular sweet corn should be on the store in June.

Jennifer Sobieralski, Gibson Farm Market Manager said, "They're going to be able to get out quicker and we're going to be able to put twice as much corn."

The store also has a wine tasting room and comes with an ice cream bar, which was very popular at the grand opening. Every purchase you make goes back to the students, creating jobs and helping further educational programs.

Daniel Avila, Fresno State Ag Instructional Technician said, "They're involved in every aspect of making it, even the logo they had something to do with the logo how we designed, and the flavors that we make."

With spring just around the corner, the opening of the Gibson Farm Market couldn't come at a better time.

Ssobieralski said, "So matter how your day is going we have wine tasting and ice cream and all the other things in between."

The new market was made possible by a $1.5 million gift from the Joyce Gibson estate. By the way, the old facility will now be used as a storage facility.

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