Crooks targeting AC units on windows

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno police say burglars are breaking in through windows with attached AC units connected. Swamp coolers attached to windows provide some relief from the extreme temperatures, but they can also give burglars a point of entry.

Greg Noll of Fresno Police Department Said, "The suspects have used air conditioning units connected to a window as a means to enter a house."

In the past week alone, two homes in southwest Fresno were hit by burglars during daytime hours. Police say the suspects made entry through an unguarded window with an attached air conditioner and on one occasion the burglars pushed the AC unit through the window, giving them easy access inside.

Fresno police want to use the latest incidents to remind people to keep their windows locked, especially as the temperatures rise.

Take time to go through your house and make sure you have deadbolts, make sure your window locks, and make sure you have sliding door locks that are functioning.

An alternative could be to purchase a custom made window-bar.

Welder Roiney Reyes said, "Depending on the side of the window, and the size of the air conditioner sticking out of the window, they can range anywhere from $120 to $150."

While it takes welders around 30 minutes to make a custom-made window bar investigators are finding many windows unprotected are an easy target for crooks.

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