Clovis gun range hear neighbors' concerns

FRESNO, Calif.

The Firing Line has been the subject of complaints since it first opened last year. Monday night, the business owner told Clovis City Council members he's in the process of modifying the building to reduce sound levels coming from the building.

Council members also heard from neighbors in the area who packed a planning commission meeting three weeks ago, sounding off about what they described as the constant sound of gunfire. Monday, the council unanimously approved the planning commission's recommendation and gave the business owner 180 days to work on a solution. "This gives us the opportunity to hopefully bring it to a level where we can maybe not please everybody but almost everybody. That would really be my goal," said Jacob Belemjian of The Firing Line.

Neighbors also seemed supportive of the plan, even though some expressed their frustration with how the city has handled the business from day one. "I don't want to be an unreasonable person. Like the rest of my neighbors, we want this thing to work out with a win/win situation. But my feeling is the way this thing has worked out it's going to be a lose/lose for everybody," said resident Miguel Ramirez.

Belemjian told council members he's already pulled permits to seal roll up doors, where some of the sound had been escaping. Under the plan approved Monday, neighbors and the business owner will check in with the planning commission every 60 days. The business' permit will come up for review again in September.

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