Graduation rates are on the rise statewide

FRESNO, Calif.

"We are not satisfied with the new numbers but we are generally pleased to see that growth in our numbers," said Fresno Unified School District Superintendent, Michael Hanson.

Across the state about 78% of students who started high school in 2008, graduated with their class in 2012. In comparison, a little more than 74% of students who started at the same time graduated from the district. That's slightly up from last year.

The latest statistics show more African American students are completing the four year degree. But there was no change in the Hispanic demographic.

Educators say several high schools including Bullard, Edison and Hoover have had a steadily increasing graduation rate. Schools with a declining rate include Roosevelt, McLane and Duncan.

Superintendent Michael Hanson and other school leaders are now planning ways in which to boost those numbers. They're offering more courses for teachers and trying to enroll more preschool students. "Expanding pre-school we believe will have a dramatic effect not only in the short term for students but our long term graduation rates as well," said Hanson.

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