As Seen on TV cleaning tools

FRESNO, Calif.

Take the $15 Smart Mop. It did a fine job cleaning floors, but when you try and wring it out by twisting the handles, the pole can slip. Then you could end up having to use your hands to get out the excess water!

The $15 Perfect Squeegee was also less-than-perfect! The pad stops the blade from getting into deep corners.

For about $40, the Deluxe Hi-Reach Cleaning kit, with its flexible dusting head, helps you clean some pretty hard-to-reach places, as promised. But the head often popped off, and flexing eventually led to breaking.

The best money spent was the $6 on the Fuzzy Wuzzy Microfiber Mitt. It's double-sided, so you can sweep over screens with ease and then turn it to tackle other dusting jobs. And because you wear it, it single-handedly can make at least one cleaning job a breeze. Plus, the Fuzzy Wuzzy is machine washable. Keep in mind that although Consumer Reports found it worked, the Fuzzy Wuzzy was no more effective than other products you can use to dust furniture and clean computer screens.

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