Fresno Fire investigating gang-related arson

FRESNO, Calif.

An explosion of flames right along the front of the Bond Street Market in Central Fresno is what was recorded on surveillance video.

Moments before the fire two people in hoodies ran up and doused the front of the building with a liquid. In the video you can see both men light something on fire then throw it at the store. Fire investigators say one of the men in the video may be 19-year-old Christopher Rocca. They say he's wanted for questioning.

The other person in the video Investigators said is underage. They say he was arrested when Fresno County SWAT, fire investigators and officers from the Multi-Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium served two search warrants last Tuesday.

The fire department says the store on Lewis and Thesta in Central Fresno was intentionally set on fire once. The store is boarded up and closed now.

The store on Bond where the surveillance video was recorded is back open. The fire damage appears to have been repaired. Store employees declined to comment on the incidents. In the meantime arson investigators hope someone can tell them where to find Rocca.

They hope the video will help close the case before another fire is intentionally set. Investigators say these arson cases are gang related. As for that underage suspect in jail, we're told he is being held pending charges connected to the fires.

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