Bus driver accused of choking 12-year-old boy

FRESNO, Calif.

Detectives say the alleged attacked happened as students were boarding the bus just after school investigators say there was a verbal altercation between the bus driver and a 12-year-old who was trying to board.

Police say the bus driver then tried to escort the boy off the bus but it's what happened next that raised many eyebrows.

Investigators obtained surveillance video from inside the bus and say the accused bus driver can be seen putting his arms around the boy's neck.

Brad Schreiner of Fresno Police Dept. Said, "He wanted to sit in one place at the back of the bus with his buddies. The bus driver wanted him to sit in the front with his brother. So the bus driver was asking him to sit in one place. The little boy wasn't wanting to and that's where the altercation began."

After the alleged choking incident investigators say the boy was escorted off the bus, but then later went back on and cursed at the bus driver. The student then alerted school officials and police were called in.

The school district released the following statement saying quote - "While you can be assured that all matters of safety are taken extremely seriously, personnel matters and the outcome of the investigations, due to privacy laws, cannot be shared with the public. "

The district's human resource department has a robust process in place regarding employees and or student allegations.

Police have not made an arrest in the case and are not releasing the name of the suspect.

They say they are still reviewing the surveillance video and waiting to speak with the accused bus driver before any criminal charges can be filed.

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