Parents see their daughter accused of murder

FRESNO, Calif.

25-year-old Lisa Alarcon is charged with attempted murder. She's suspected of shooting her mother and father as they slept last August.

We're not going to show you the victims' faces, but we can tell you they both shed a lot of tears as they looked their daughter in the eyes for the first time in seven months. Both are still injured and both were shocked to find out their daughter was the suspect.

We're not allowed to show you Lisa Alarcon's face in court, so you won't see the tears she shed as her parents came into the room facing her for the first time since they were shot. Her parents also cried as they described the night they last saw their daughter -- when they believe she shot them while they were in bed.

"They testified they had a good relationship with their daughter up to this point and so they really haven't seen her, haven't been around her and seeing each other in the courtroom in these circumstances was emotional for both of them, for everyone involved here," said Scott Baly, who is defending Alarcon.

He says she denies doing the shooting and points out that her parents never saw who shot them. But a neighbor says he did. He says he was on his front porch when Alarcon crossed his lawn, went to her parents' window and pulled the trigger.

He later saw her SUV leave the scene, but not before it backed into a telephone pole. Police later took pictures of her vehicle showing damage seeming to match the neighbor's description, but Baly says it doesn't really connect her to the shooting.

"Being in this area doesn't mean she did this," he said. "Her car was seen in the area. Her car was there that night."

Alarcon's parents say they saw her a few hours before the shooting, but she was acting strange. They suspected she might've been drinking or using drugs, but both said they never suspected Lisa was the one who shot them.

A judge decided Friday there is enough evidence for Alarcon to stand trial on attempted murder charges.

She faces life in prison if she's convicted.

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