FPD arrest 2 juvenile suspects for robbery

FRESNO, Calif.

Police found two, under-aged suspected robbers in a neighborhood on Fairmont and Marks Avenues about three hours after the robbery. They were able to take the teenage girl into custody right away but the boy, the one they say actually pulled the gun on the victim ran from officers.

The neighborhood was blocked off with crime tape as police tried to corner the suspect.

Several police k-9 units were brought out to help. Officers say they knew the suspect was in the apartment with several other people.

Sgt. Clayton Smith of Fresno Police Department said, "Officers lost him in the immediate area. They saw him out on foot, run into an apartment but weren't sure of what apartment he went into. But with the assistance of some cooperative neighbors we were able to pin it down a little bit."

Police say after threatening to send the k-9s into the apartment the teenage boy came out and surrendered.

The people in the apartment were questioned and released. Right now officers are searching the apartment for the weapon used in the robbery.

The teen commented to officers that the gun would be found inside.

Police are also trying to find more of the victim's stolen belongings. They say the robbery was random, and they're not sure if the crime is gang-related

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