FPD DUI checkpoints are in full effect for Spring

March 23, 2013 12:00:00 AM PDT
Fresno police are out looking for drunk drivers as we head into the start of the spring break season.

Officers stopped drivers at checkpoints Saturday and continued their operation through the night. They've pulled several people out of their cars for sobriety checks. Fresno police say so far this year one of the city's seven fatal crashes involved a drunk driver. Last year, nearly half of Fresno's fatal crashes were DUI-related.

Sgt. Richard Tucker of Fresno Police Department said, "We're not here to ruin the party. We're not here to tell people not to drink and enjoy themselves. We're here to tell people to make the responsible decisions. Finish the plan, people know where they're headed, finish the plan, please don't drink and drive."

The checkpoints are paid for using grant money from the state.