Good Sports: The life of Victor E. Bulldog II

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno State is quick to tell the Red Wave that Victor E. Bulldog II isn't your average university mascot. They say he's much more, and after spending a couple hours with the 11 month old puppy they weren't kidding.

Dr. Kelly Weaver, Victor E. Bulldog II's talent handler said, "He wasn't trained obviously because we got him as a little puppy and there wasn't a lot you could do with him. So we just let him go to the games and get used to everybody and meet everybody. Cute was his job this year and he did that very well."

Weaver is Victor's guardian, coach, and talent handler all in one.

"He's got about 20 moms here. Hands are always on him. And you'll notice if you stop, he thinks it should be all the time. It's all about him," Weaver said.

She transports the English bulldog from hospital visits, to fundraising dinners, to sporting events, always with an appropriate change of clothes for holidays or game days.

"If it gets a little cold at a night game, he's got his little jacket here. We've got basketball; he's wearing football right now. We've got his drool rug, because bulldogs tend to drool," Weaver said.

She's also in charge of making sure Victor is properly trained for important mascot duties from riling up the crowds to being available for a quick nuzzle.

"He's got it down with meeting and greeting and making people smile."

She was also the underwater treadmill trainer, making sure his short legs get strong enough to make the rounds at Bulldog Stadium, or the Save Mart Center.

"It's all about people with him. You could put a piece of steak in front of him, and a kid to play with. And he'll take the kid to play with," Weaver said.

But one thing is for sure, its Victor E. Bulldog II's world, and we're all just living in it. And if you're skeptical of this fact just introduce yourself the next time you see him around town.

One week from tomorrow will be Victor E's first birthday party at Beiden Field before the Diamond Dogs' home game against UNLV.

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