Fresno man in fatal DUI arrested for DUI again

FRESNO, Calif.

It has been 14 months since the fatal crash. During that time, Shawn Schulte's family has had to cope with his sudden death and grueling trial. They felt they would finally be able to start healing, until they woke up Thursday morning.

/*Jamie Schulte*/ didn't feel justice was served the day /*Austin Jantz*/ was given a two year sentence for the death of her son, Shawn.

Schulte said, "The sentence that he got was extremely difficult for our family."

But, despite the term, Shawn's mother hoped Jantz would take advantage of the opportunity to make something of his life after a five month prison term.

"Even though this happened to my son, I am a believer in second chances," said Schulte. "But what you do with your second chance is up to you."

The overwhelming grief returned to Schulte Thursday morning, when she heard Jantz was arrested again, under the influence of alcohol and driving on a suspended license.

Schulte explained, "We pay the price, we suffer the consequence every holiday, every birthday- our lives have changed, why hasn't his life changed?"

A Fresno police officer pulled over Jantz Wednesday around 6:00 p.m. near Kings Canyon And Clovis. The officer made the traffic stop because the passengers in the backseat were not wearing seat belts. But, when the officer questioned the driver, investigators say he was not honest.

Tony Bennink with the Fresno Police Department said, "He asked Jantz if he was on probation or parole, Jantz said no. He asked him if he had been drinking, he said no."

James Wasson represented Jantz pro bono on charges of vehicular manslaughter. He too was disappointed about his latest arrest.

"Austin I thought had done really well with his rehabilitation," said Wasson. "I thought that he had learned his lesson and I was very distraught when I heard the news that he had reoffended."

During his arrest, Jantz explained away his prior conviction. He told the officer "the vehicular manslaughter was an accident and he was not remorseful because he was getting jumped by the subject he ran over."

Schulte's family says that makes them sick. And they plan to follow Jantz to court to remind them of their loss.

"We will be there, something as small as a seat belt infraction," said Amber Hauschel. "Doesn't matter. We're gonna be there."

Austin Jantz is in the Fresno County jail. His violation of parole means he'll likely return to prison. Jantz will be arraigned next week.

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