"Hiring our Heroes" made a stop in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

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Dozens of veterans from different wars walked into the VFW Hall Post 8900 for the "Hire our Heroes" job fair.

A wide variety of employers from PG&E to Leslie Pool Supplies were at the event looking to fill positions.

The job fair allowed veterans to speak in person with companies and exchange information.

Virginia Carpenter said, "When the veterans come back from Afghanistan or the desert or get out of the military they don't know how to translate their skills into civilian terms. So employers don't grab them, so we're paying full attention to that, employers are more often aware of that and we're helping them translate that into civilian terms so they get that employment so they know how to sell themselves."

Event organizers say military veterans have already proven they can serve their country and they hope other companies will give them a chance to serve in a different way.

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