Fresno Harley Davidson $6,000 in merch stolen

FRESNO, Calif.

Mathews Harley Davidson was robbed early yesterday morning, the same day the founder of the business was laid to rest.

Business owners say it's clear the suspect was determined to get in. He broke through a fence and then front door. He got away with about $6,000 in merchandise. But, he came on a difficult day for this family.

Flowers and notes of condolences are still arriving at Mathews Harley Davidson. The founder of the business, Eva Mathews was remembered Thursday, the same day a burglar busted through the front door of the business.

Our surveillance shows clearly, the glass fell in this way, hit a motorcycle, damaged the wood right here.

The boulder is still in the showroom at the dealership. Cara Mathews says the burglar knew exactly what he wanted.

Mathews said, "The video of our security shows he didn't look around when he came in, like which way I go. He was there on a mission walked right past the motorcycles and straight to the jackets so I do feel that he had been in here before and kinda scoped it out."

Fresno police are now analyzing the video that shows the suspect laying out a sheet and putting as many leather jackets he can in it. The thief got away with $6,000 in expensive coats during the crime that lasted three minutes.

All the way out the door and up along the side of the freeway the suspect dropped some of the stolen jackets. That's where store owners assume he got into a car and drove away.

Friday more motion detectors and security cameras were being installed in addition to the 34 that already record activity at the business.

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