Kasey Kahl avoids jail time in assault case

FRESNO, California

Kahl appeared in Fresno County superior court Thursday morning, pleading 'no contest' to an assault charge stemming from a fight outside a Northwest Fresno nightclub.

Under the plea agreement, Kahl pleaded no contest to one felony charge, and another was dropped.

His attorney says Kahl will be able to serve 180 days in an alternative work program, but he will still have a felony strike on his record.

Kahl's attorney Gerald schwab said, "That's not as big of a deal for a kid like Kasey, who's never been in trouble before in his life. Because a strike only comes back to haunt you if you get another felony. Kasey's not going to get another felony. This was an unfortunate incident. Basically, two young guys late at night basically a bar fight."

The victim in the case declined to comment on Thursday's plea deal. But the prosecutor says they were hoping for jail time. Kahl will be sentenced in May.

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