Fresno family escapes life-threatening house fire

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators believe a leftover cigarette sparked the fire in the patio area of a home on Indianapolis Avenue near Dearing Avenues.

The flames then spread into the attic, causing about $100,000 in damage. A captain at the scene says one of the residents was sleeping at the time, and the home did not have any working smoke alarms.

Capt. Andrew Noel of Fresno City Fire Dept. said, "This young lady was able to wake up either because of pets or smell, but it's very rare to wake up because of fire. If the smoke in the house continued to get worse she could have fallen into a deeper sleep and not woke up."

Firefighters say along with having working smoke detectors, it's also important to make sure cigarettes are put out properly.

This fire displaced two people and multiple pets.

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