FPD on high alert after officer-involved shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

Early Sunday morning, FPD investigated the murder of a 23-year-old man, when authorities learned where the suspect of the homicide may have been.

Sunday afternoon authorities followed the suspect in a police vehicle and began to chase the suspect's vehicle as the suspect fled. Authorities then rammed the vehicle, where the suspect got out and fled on foot.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said, "Two officers gave chase and at some point the suspect according to the officers made some type of movement that caused the officers to believe that he was arming himself. The officers fired their weapons at the suspect."

Dyer said as they were detaining the suspect on the ground they located a hand gun on his person. None of the officers were hurt, but authorities are concerned due to repeated threats received from gang members.

Dyer said his department is being targeted and gang members are suspected to have started arming themselves. Special police units are being activated for Fresno Sunday night as a precaution.

Action New Reporter Mariana Jacob was at the scene where the officer-involved shooting had taken place. Two blocks on Arthur Avenue had been blocked off after the shooting happened, and several Fresno police detectives walked the area for about four hours going door to door speaking with witnesses.

Authorities say the man who was shot was a known gang member, and neighbors in the area were upset that their children had to see violence, especially on Easter Sunday.

The suspect's mother said her son was in critical condition and in surgery at Community Regional Medical Center.

The suspects mother, Chantal Lewis said, "He's been in trouble in his lifetime, but he didn't deserve to get shot."

Lewis said her son was shot several times, including in the head.

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