Distracted driving causes multiple car wreck in Clovis

CLOVIS, Calif.

The 4-car crash happened on Temperance and Bullard in Clovis just after 11:30AM. Police say the teenage driver of a black Ford Fusion ran a red light at the intersection, crashing into a blue Buick which then triggered a chain reaction. The Buick rolled onto its side and slammed into two other cars.

Police say the female driver of the Buick was pinned inside. First responders were able to pull her out through a window. She was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. But police say the accident could have been prevented had the Ford driver not been distracted by his cell phone.

"This is a perfect example of how important it is to pay attention when you're driving," said Sgt. Jim Koch with the Clovis Police Department. "Distracted driving can cause all kinds of injuries and damage."

The month of April has been designated "Distracted Driving Awareness Month." Anyone caught could face a $159 fine.

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