Fresno firefighters featured on "The Battalion"

FRESNO, Calif.

David Furtado said, "I live with them, I train with them, I eat with them, I go on every call, I come down the pole just like they do."

Furtado is the executive producer of the web based reality show "The Battalion", showing the daily life of firefighters.

He's been embedded with the Fresno Fire Department on and off for the past few weeks, capturing calls on camera for his series. He's traveled across the country filming the work of firefighters and wanted to show what happens in the city of Fresno and the situations emergency responders face.

Engineer Alex Lencioni said, "So its kinda neat that he's getting out there and seeing what we actually do and the calls we go on and the history of our department."

On this day, crews were performing equipment checks as part of their jobs, so they're ready to go at a moment's notice.

"He's easy to get along with," said Lencioni. "He's kind of a member of the crew at this point."

Furtado has featured other fire departments around the country. He says, he hopes others will see what life is like for those who suit up and serve our communities.

"And all they want to do is keep people safe, that's all they want to do," said Furtado. "That's what I see all the time. I humbled to be with them every minute that I am."

The production company will continue filming over the next couple of weeks. The Fresno firefighters will make their reality show debut April 26th.

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