Purse snatchers caught on camera in Kingsburg hair salon

FRESNO, Calif.

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The daring daylight burglary happened Saturday afternoon at the Shear Magic Salon on Sierra and 10th in Kingsburg.

Employees believe a young man and two women were working together. Surveillance video shows one woman enter through the front door asking for help in finding her child. As she passed around a cell phone picture, a man sneaks in through the backdoor and quickly grabbed two bags belonging to the employees.

Shear Magic Employee Bianca Freitas said, "They called two days after, posing as Fresno County Sheriff deputies asking for more personal information, saying they had found our purses, which they didn't because they had fake badge numbers, fake deputy names."

Kingsburg police say the suspects later tried to use one of the credit cards at a gas station in Parlier. They were last seen driving a dark grey Honda Accord.

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