Dylan Willey will Smile for a Lifetime

FRESNO, Calif.

Dylan Willey will soon have even more reason to show off his teeth.

Willey told ABC30, "I was really surprised."

On Wednesday, the 5th grader at Eaton Elementary in Fresno was presented with a giant check for free braces.

Willey said, "It's really cool I really wanted the braces."

Good grades and a positive attitude helped Dylan beat out several other kids to win free braces from the local chapter of Smile for a Lifetime, an organization that gives out orthodontic scholarships.

Mischelle DiCiccio said, "Its life changing for Dylan to celebrate it with his friends. To have Channel 30 news show up, its starts the whole thing going."

Dylan's mom knows a perfect smile will help boost his confidence as gets older, and she's relived, Smile for a Lifetime is helping with the process.

Linda Sullivan said, "I took him for a consultation and they said six grand I was floored I was like what. I was always thinking like how was I going to come up with the money to get him braces."

DiCiccio said, "He is interested in giving back and that's what we're looking for, making our community a better place."

Orthodontic work will begin right away

Willey said, "I'll be more confident because my teeth will be straight more."

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