Tac-Ops Tactical Laser Tag became a target for thieves

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno police detectives are reviewing surveillance video which captured the crime on camera. It was a mission that, for the thieves, ended up being unsuccessful. Before the men broke in, they cased the Northwest Fresno business, located on North Golden State Boulevard.

Cameras capture a white pickup truck. It stops, drives away, and comes back. Using flashlights, two men went straight for the office. They took off with a laser tag weapon, a light, some power tools, a make-up bag, and an empty camera bag.

It was a lot of trouble, for a whole lot of nothing. Tac-Ops general manager Dexter Morgan says they probably thought that laser tag weapon could be of value. "Without any other laser tag weapons its pretty much a fancy paper weight, it's an expensive paper weight but it's just a paper weight, you can't use it, you can't play with it, you can't do anything."

Tac-Ops laser tag has only been open a few months. It's like the video game "Call Of Duty", but uses real life action and real life characters. "Pretty much anything you can imagine you would do in a video game we do here."

It's a unique business model, one that isn't found anywhere else in the Valley, which is why Morgan says the thieves won't get very far with his game gear.

"It's so specialized, we're the only ones that use this equipment within a 100 mile radius, all it will take is one person seeing it that knows what it is and we're going to know where it's at."

Using the clear, enhanced pictures from his surveillance cameras, detectives have some good leads.

Morgan hopes detectives will catch the culprits who put a brief halt on the business of the game. "As a business owner I think it's time we all band together and start cracking down on things like this, surveillance, talking about what's going on so things like this don't continue to happen."

If you have any information about this crime, or if you recognize the suspects you see in the video, police hope you'll call.

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