Pitman Farms is expanding and looking to hire

FRESNO, Calif.

Evidence of Sanger's struggling economy can be found in the long food lines as you drive around town. The unemployment rate is among the highest in the Central Valley, but locally run and operated Pitman Family Farms is quickly expanding and looking to employ local residents.

Bob Wolfe, general manager said, "We have all different types of production line positions, but they are all for inside of the plant on the assembly line."

The company is looking for people to work day and evening shifts. The jobs are full time and pay $9 an hour.

Christopher Santiago has been looking for work for the past three weeks. He heard about the job fair from his brother who started just three weeks ago, after attending a job fair just like this one.

Santiago said, "[What has the interview process been like so far?] It's been pretty good. We have been getting applications, filling them out, and then get interviewed, we get screened and then we fill out paper work."

The Chavez family has been on the job hunt for over a year now. Oceana used her time away from the work force, to take some courses that she hopes will better her chances of landing a job today.

Oceana Chavez, job applicant said, "I took some classes at Fresno Adult School to help me better my chances. I took some training too for how to handle food."

This is the third job fair that Pitman Family Farms has held within a month. Last week's job fair resulted in about 120 applicants, of those, 107 were hired.

"We are just excited about the opportunity to putting a lot of people from Sanger and the surrounding areas to work," Wolfe said.

Pitman Farms is always taking applications. If you cannot make it to one of their job fairs you can fill out an application at their facility located at 1489 K Street in Sanger.

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