Measure C funds approved for Downtown Fresno improvements

FRESNO, California

Mall supporter Jake Soberal, a Fresno attorney, told the council, "We have an opportunity to create economic opportunity by restoring our main street, the place where we can actually have an economy."

But Brunette Harris, a housing activist in West Fresno disagreed.

"Streets in Downtown Fresno is not going to help our community," said Harris. "If you don't have any jobs it don't do any good to have any streets. It doesn't make any sense."

Fresno city council member Sal Quintero has proposed using the money for other things, around the city.

Quintero said, "To me it can be better used to fix streetlights, potholes, within certain areas of our major transportation corridors."

Fellow council members agreed there should be some flexibility in the funding, but they had to deal with the issue at hand.

Measure C money can be used for improvements in transportation corridors, and to encourage housing in those corridors.

So the council voted to authorize $1.3 million to benefit a Granville housing project and allow the company to make improvements to downtown alley ways.

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