Valley runners showing support for Boston

FRESNO, Calif.

Local runners are calling it an upsetting and painful "blow" to the sport. To help the victims -- and other running communities across the country, they've organized a combined walk and run, and will be collecting donations for the Red Cross.

Local running club and nonprofit "Sierra Challenge Express" put the call out on Facebook, asking for support, and posted the following quote: "We will be running for the spectators, the finishers, the organizers and those who have passed on. We will walk and run for courage and for strength and to support one another during this sad time. This is not a timed run, nor is it something that costs any money in order to participate. We will simply be running and walking together and sending our love to Boston."

The "Love to Boston Walk/Run" will be two point six two miles, rather than the 26.2 miles of a full marathon.

Runners say the Boston Marathon is the one race that all runners want to do. Local Spanish teacher Jesus Campos placed 37th, and crossed the finish line well before the explosions.

While not injured, the Fresno Unified School District says he's distraught over what happened to fellow racers and race-goers.

Valley doctor and accomplished runner Garry Sevel says those who run are part of a tight knit community. "We run together, we train together, we help each other cross the line together, there's a lot of togetherness, but it's inner self inner strength that gets you across that line."

Sevel has competed in more than 20 marathons. We caught him on mile 8 of the 16 he was running to train for his next race. "We care about one another, we stop, we see if others need help, it's an unwritten bond, I can't explain it much more but it's a brotherhood."

A brotherhood that will bond together during the toughest of times, and for Valley runners the next race will be the one they do for Boston.

That race is this coming Sunday, April 21st at 7:30 in the morning, at Sierra Running Company.

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