Clovis Bicycle Shop's pug mascot is missing

FRESNO, Calif.

Crank the pug usually loves to greet customers at the Clovis Bicycle Shop, but these days, he's a little down, after his sidekick, Pedal the pug disappeared.

Kirk Bailey with the Clovis Bicycle Shop said, "He's kind of kept an eye out for what's going on but I think overall he still misses her."

Pedal is a three-year-old rescued fawn pug with one noticeable feature; her tongue constantly hangs out as you can see in this picture with a fellow cyclist. She's been with Kirk and the shop for a couple of weeks, when out of the blue she disappeared.

Bailey said, "It seems that she likes following people around and the doors were open because it was nice and we are thinking maybe she followed a customer out and just decided to talk a walk haven't seen her since."

Kirk then searched several businesses, even checking out the parking lot at Sierra Vista Mall, but no sign of Pedal. It appears her four little legs couldn't have taken her too far.

The store's customers even cycled around the mall. Kirk stopped by local shelters, called vets, all with no luck. Even though Pedal is microchipped, vets say she would have to be turned in, in order to be located. So Kirk is hoping someone sees this adorable face and has a change of heart.

Bailey added, "If someone sees a new pug or one that they're not sure that someone's had before maybe you can give a sweet word hopefully we can get her back."

Until then the Kirk and Crank and the Clovis Bicycle crew will keep waiting for Pedal to come home.

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