Valley native speaks about her Boston experience

FRESNO, Calif.

She talked with Action News via Skype late Friday. She said following a frightening week Boston is alive with gratitude right now.

The cheers erupted right as officials announced the arrest of the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect in Watertown, Massachusetts.

"I'm just so relieved that we finally have a happy moment here in Boston because this week was really terrible," Basara said. "I really haven't seen it this happy since before the bombs went off."

Shannon was just a few blocks away from the marathon finish line Monday, with her cousin Meghan, when the bombs exploded. They were not injured. But they watched as the chaos unfolded.

Since then, with all the police activity and the deadly attack that followed at MIT, Shannon says the week has been nerve-wracking. "With them on the loose and killing a cop at a campus so close to us, we were all a little stressed and scared," she said.

Her nerves now relieved. "It does feel like we have our city back," she said. "We've stayed strong throughout this week. With them in custody it's brought some closure and we know we'll get some of the answers to all the questions that we have. And we don't have to worry about them terrorizing our city anymore."

Shannon also says the police motorcade drove past her campus and all the students outside cheered and thanked law enforcement for their dedication.

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