Valley residents run to support Boston victims

FRESNO, Calif.

They showed up to walk or run in honor of those who lost their lives or were wounded.

"Some of those people that were running are never going to be able to run again because they lost their limbs," said Lupe Garcia.

"I was thinking about them, every single one of them. I am almost ready to cry," said Tanya Cam.

Brad Castillo was running in the Boston Marathon and was so close to finishing the day the explosions went off. "Next thing I know the race is cancelled, people are crying hugging each other because we found out not only had there been an explosion but people had been killed," said Castillo.

Castillo stopped his watch that day just after mile 25 but says he feels like he crossed the finish line right here in the Valley. He was also grateful for the friend who gave him the medal she received after completing the race two years ago. "Although I didn't get a medal in Boston I got a medal in Fresno with all my friends and family," he added.

Others like volunteers Ron Thomsen were still struggling to make sense of the tragedy. "When I see a picture of that little eight year old boy it always makes me cry," Thomsen said.

Organizers started planning the event on Monday evening. Less than five days later word had spread fast through social media. And on Sunday more than 1,300 people turned up. Together they raised more than $10,000. Although the runners say they'll never understand the grief of those who lost their loves ones, they hope anyone hurting feels the love all the way from Fresno.

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