Fresno PD cracks down on vehicles "cruising"

FRESNO, Calif.

Right now is prime time for cruisers driving here of course not illegal but police say cruising often leads to illegal activity.

Sometimes that means street racing. In the past, the crowds have even been so out of hand people have been stabbed and shot. In a matter of minutes police spot and cite a driver they say for having an illegally modified exhaust system.

Fresno police say its special cruising patrol is to make sure everyone is safe.

On Sunday night officer Erik Sanders led the special patrol. He says far too often large crowds of "souped-up" cars led to congestion and traffic accidents.

Benjamin Napolis lives in Central Fresno and he says cruisers regularly disrupt his Sunday nights.

Napolis said, "I pretty much hear them all night long, I don't know if they're doing donuts or racing or going back and forth. They're go up until, geez, one or two o'clock at night."

Police say part of the reason for their patrols is due to neighbor or business complaints. They're trying to keep the area safe so people like Benjamin are not detoured from leaving home.

This special patrol basically covers all of Blackstone Avenue from Central Fresno up to River Park.

Police say they will conduct these cruising patrols regularly this time of year.

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