Corcoran YMCA's future is unclear


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Recently, the Corcoran YMCA disassociated itself with the YMCA name and formed its own public corporation called the RAC or Recreation Association of Corcoran.

Administrators in Corcoran assure the community the services will remain the same.

In Visalia, two properties owned by Golden State YMCA are up for sale as administrators look to move services to a different location in the city.

Tim foster with Golden State YMCA said, "We are trying to do a lot of adjustments in the way we operate financially to make sure all of our bills get paid."

Steve Brown with the Recreation Association of Corcoran said, "Our board is going to pursue looking into that possibility to continue as a YMCA we just could not do it immediately at this present time."

The RAC in Corcoran says it will decide in the next six months whether or not it will renew its YMCA charter or remain a stand-alone facility.

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