Safe from Scams: Online bullying

FRESNO, Calif.

Douglas Veatch, a United States Postal Inspector said, "Many cases they were providing counterfeits knock-offs and used glasses."

Even more disturbing -- if customers complained, the owner of "Décor My Eyes", Vitaly Borker, threatened them.

Clarabelle Rodriguez, a victim of this fraud, said, "He became very upset with me when I said I would not pay the re-stocking fee and I would take it up with my credit card company."

Clarabelle Rodriguez eventually found a website where dissatisfied customers could voice their complaints.

"When he saw that I had also complained online he contacted me and said he was watching me; if I continued to complain online about Décor My Eyes I was going to show up on the news," said Rodriguez.

Clarabelle called the police, the U.S. Attorney, and postal inspectors to report Borker's harassment.

Clarabelle Rodriguez said, "I'm an avid runner, I stopped running. He managed to play mind games with me and I feared for my life. I feared I was in danger."

"If anyone in this case would have done a Google search on Décor My Eyes they would have found a myriad of complaints...," said Douglas Veatch.

The suspect was sentenced to 4 years in prison and ordered to pay more than $100 thousand.

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