Meat industry reboot for the good of consumers

FRESNO, Calif.

It's an effort to simplify shopping for consumers - make it more uniform. But it means eliminating beef and pork names dating back to the seventies.

Kids and some adults get a chuckle out of saying pork butt. The name of the cut though is being changed to Boston roast.

The meat industry figured it was time to change the names of some 350 cuts of beef and pork. Mickey Paggi is the director of Fresno State's Center for Ag business.

Paggi said, "Overall I think it's a recognition we need to do a better job of marketing our products with the consumer in mind and maybe less concern with addressing the knowledge base in the butchering and the retail side of the business."

Some examples, a beef shoulder top blade steak, boneless would become a flat iron steak. A beef chuck eye edge pot roast will be known as a Denver roast. A pork loin top loin chop will be renamed a porterhouse chop. The new labels will also include cooking recommendations.

Paggi added, "Now they want to know how do they cook this vs. what part of the cow did it come off of or the pig depending on what you're talking about."

The meat industry hopes the voluntary changes result in increased sales. But some worry it's a recipe for confusion.

Some retailers ABC30 talked to said they were aware of the changes but did not have a timetable for when the new names would appear.

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