Clovis Rodeo has something for everyone

CLOVIS, California

Jennifer Flores of Easton got a chance to see the action in person for the first time. "I was scared, what if he gets trampled," she said. "That's scary."

Stock contractors, like John Growney, bring the bulls and other stock to compete. He says the bulls are equally if not more responsible for making these rodeos exciting. The one to watch he says is Cash Money. The four-year-old has not allowed a cowboy to hold on for the full 8 second ride.

"That's where this bull is at his age right now," Growney said. "He got it figured out. He knows, he's just got it. And when the really good bulls figure it out… the bull riders got to refigure the bull."

And snapping pictures at this year's rodeo is Jerry Scott, the illustrator of the daily comic strip Zits and Baby Blues. Next year he'll debut an art exhibit at the 1821 Studios in downtown Fresno, inspired by the Clovis Rodeo. "There's just something poetic about the look, the tack, the animals that I just love," he said.

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