Weather to be over 90 degrees for Clovis Rodeo's finale

FRESNO, Calif.

Organizers are asking people to be extra careful, especially during these first few hot days of the year when your body is adjusting to the warmer months.

Ingrid Genthner of Walnut Creek said, "It was hot, it felt good, I was getting my sweat on. I was getting my tan, working on it."

Crowds lined downtown streets before everyone headed in to watch the performances. The warmer weather didn't impact attendance but many who showed up did have to change their plans.

Cody Patrick of Fresno said, "I could just take a towel and wet it down and just rub it over my face and especially on my neck that feels a lot better."

Boy Scout Cody Patrick sold snow cones and drinks to raise money for the non-profit on Saturday. The hot weather was good for business and waters sold fast.

The rodeo provides a cooling center with two large fans to keep people from overheating. Organizers say they're always prepared in case anyone gets sick.

Chuck Rigbee of the Clovis Rodeo said, "The fire department is here, paramedics are here, ambulances are here so we are ready to respond to things like that."

Paramedics are encouraging people to dress in light clothing, sunscreen and to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible.

They're also asking everyone to choose their drinks wisely.

Shaun Vincent American Ambulance said, "Alcohol tends to dehydrate someone much more than any other beverage, if you are going to drink alcohol augment it with some kind of water."

If you think someone has heat exhaustion these are some signs to watch out for.

"You are going to see some fatigue, you are going to see people who are profusely sweating, there is going to be reddening of the skin maybe some rapid heart rate," Vincent said.

Tomorrow there will be a special kid's performance at 12:45 p.m. and the finals kick off at 2 p.m. It's expected to be pretty hot so come prepared.

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