NAS Lemoore pilots reunite with their loved ones

FRESNO, Calif.

They returned to Lemoore Naval Air Station and put on an air show before reuniting with their loved ones. It was a sight to see and behold, as four strike-fighter squadrons flew into the Lemoore Naval Air Station Sunday morning.

Families of those returning held flags and signs to welcome home their heroes from an overseas deployment.

Military spouse Susan Locke said, "There's excitement but anticipation, he provides such a service to our country and it's a sacrifice for all of us. This is just a wonderful time when he finally gets to be reunited with all of us."

And the anticipation grew even more as relatives had to wait for all jets to land before running onto the tarmac.

And once given the okay it was a race like no other.

Commander Tommy Locke saw his kids a little taller than when he last saw them.

Locke said, "It's a little overwhelming I think with all the emotions but it's great to see them after 7 and a half, 8 months."

But for one family it was more than just a reunion, as a baby girl was to meet her father for the first time.

Military spouse Bethany Weisser said, "He is going to welcome home his 6 week old baby girl, Caroline Elizabeth."

Weisser's family grew by one during the time her husband was deployed.

Kendall Weisser, daughter said, "What are you going to do when he first lands? Run to him. And what are you going to tell him? I love you."

And that they did.

"Oh I love you guys so much, - here's Caroline -oh hello, hello," Weisser said as he introduced himself to his new daughter.

"It feels great, I've only seen her in pictures, it's a real special feeling," Weisser said.

In total, 46 fighter pilots arrived on jets, Sunday, but the reunion is not yet over as close to 500 crewmembers will arrive on Monday.

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