West Goshen may spend summer without clean water


Since January, people in West Goshen haven't been able to drink or cook with their water. It all started when the pump broke, sending sand through pipes and into their homes.

The small, rural community of West Goshen relies on a pump and a 100-year-old well to give them clean water, but it hasn't proven to be reliable.

West Goshen's water board says it is still waiting for a series of state grants to help them pay for a connection with California Water Service and give their community the clean drinking water it needs.

Still, while they wait, board member Lucy Hernandez says the system is on its last leg. As the summer nears, people are using more water, pushing the pump to its limit.

California Water Service says it would take less than a month for them to get their connection up and running.

The state funding West Goshen is waiting for comes with additional requirements from the California Environmental Quality Act and could take a year to go through. Right now, the funding is not considered an emergency to the state.

The West Goshen community water board hopes to have some updated information in about month, about the status of their funding, and what the state will require them to do before they approve the remaining funding they need to connect with California Water Service.

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