Fresno's Mural District comes alive with art

FRESNO, Calif.

From a distance, the colors on Granville's newest building, 1612 Fulton, pop out, but when you get closer, the images are starting to come to life.

"It's real colorful," said Francisco Vargas." It's got a lot power in it. You can tell there's lot of passion involved in it."

Muralist Francisco Vargas was tasked with painting Granville's mural project. Many artists entered the competition, but local resident Nary Tan had the winning image.

"Oh I jumped up and down until my joints hurt me," said Nary Tan. "It's just wonderful."

Nary says this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it happened at time that she was deciding to really pursue art. After the win, it was time to get the project started.

Francisco then took the image Butterflies Lovers and projected it upon the wall at 1612 Fulton. He sketched a 22-foot design and then began painting to bring it to life.

Stroke by stroke, Francisco has transformed the once barren wall. He'll use about a dozen bright colors to help outline the abstract design of the monarchs and the couple in the image.

Nary Tan added, "The monarch represents immigration and all the hard work, the unity and the beautiful as you can see the pattern of the monarch inspired me."

The arts community says Granville's design is another artistic piece that's helping make the mural district more beautiful and vibrant than ever.

You can get a look at the mural this Thursday at 6:00 p.m. as part of ArtHop.

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