Fresno barber refuses to identify suspect in shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

An innocent woman was paralyzed after she was shot in the back while she waited for her son to get a haircut.

Ronnie Moore walked out of court late Thursday afternoon wanting no part of a preliminary hearing where he was brought to testify.

ABC30 asked, "Why weren't you answering questions?"

Moore replied, "I don't want to be involved in this, you know. My family already suffered enough, you know."

Moore is the barber who investigators say the bullets were intended for. He dodged every one of them, but an innocent mother could not.

Police say the problems began with just an argument that became physical. Then police say Reginald Taylor rushed in the barber shop with a gun.

Despite repeated questions, Moore refused to answer who fired at him, even who he was fighting with moments before the shooting.

ABC30 asked, "You saw who beat you up and you saw who fired, why wouldn't you say who did today?"

Moore replied, "Mainly because, I'm not saying it's not my job but what I'm saying is it happened so fast, I don't really know. I couldn't give an accurate answer to the questions because I don't really know."

Moore's testimony wasn't the only drama that unfolded. The suspect's girlfriend was asked to leave court after causing a disturbance. She kicked a trashcan before a deputy jumped in the elevator to escort her out of the courthouse.

Reginald Taylor's attorney said there's plenty of evidence he plans to present at trial, that hasn't been exposed.

Attorney John Missirlian said, "We will wait until our part of the trial to present our side of the story. This is only the first part of the action that's taking place."

As for Moore, he says he's not planning on returning to court to testify again. He says he was fired from his job as a barber and has been unable to get hired at any other shops because of the shooting.

The victim who was shot did not show up to court, but her family did. She is at home, recovering. If Reginald Taylor is convicted on these charges he faces life in prison.

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