Obama the Zombie? Company says it's just a coincidence

FRESNO, California

The three dimensional version was banned from the NRA Convention last weekend. But paper representations of the target are on sale everywhere, including in Fresno.

Target shooters have a variety these days. Targets featuring criminal types, terrorists, and zombies are among the most popular. But some think one Zombie looks too much like President Obama. Many sporting goods stores sell the paper targets. The target in question is called "Rocky Zombie."

Sporting goods store owner Barry Bauer doesn't think it looks like the President. "I see no issue, I see no resemblance."

While Bauer only has these paper targets in stock, the same company that prints these "Zombie" makes mannequin like dummies of these characters that actually ooze red liquid when they are shot.

One of those was on display at the National Rifle Association Convention in Houston last weekend. The NRA asked the vendor to take it down, because of concerns it looked like the President. Bauer thinks the paper version in his store looks like a Zombie.

"This guy is officially a zombie," said Bauer. "He's a green Zombie."

There are a variety of paper Zombies in this package, a clown, a Nazi, a representation that's supposed to be a terrorist, and others. Bauer doesn't see the controversy.

"This is silly, these are zombie targets," said Bauer. "Zombie is a very important target in today's gun culture and stuff, instead of shooting at a round circle they enjoy shooting at these zombie pictures."

And he plans to keep selling them.

Bauer told Action News, "Absolutely, they are very popular."

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