Hit-and-run victim describes terrifying experience

FRESNO, Calif.

As of Friday night, police were still trying to track down the driver who jumped a curb and hit her, as well as the woman who ran away with him. The collision happened on McKinley near West in central Fresno Thursday afternoon.

The damage to the SUV is still obvious, but the emotional scars might last even longer. The victim tells Action News she screamed at the suspects for help as she was pinned, but all she heard was the man telling the woman they needed to leave fast.

The rescue happened in slow motion for Betsayda Hernandez. Just before an out of control car jumped a curb, exploded into her SUV, and knocked it on top of her, she heard danger approaching.

"Like there was an airplane coming," she said. "But I saw everything dark."

The car left its mark on a telephone pole just before the driveway where it hit Hernandez, but no brake marks at all. Hernandez didn't really see the driver or the woman who was with him. Police say they ran away without even checking on the woman they almost killed.

A neighbor called 911 and helped Hernandez call her family. But as firefighters hustled to lift the SUV and pull her out, she says the pain was constantly increasing.

"Is it broken here?" an Action News reporter asked her, pointing to her shin.

"Yeah," she said. "[It's] broken here."

A cast covers her fractured right leg, and an ace bandage her sprained ankle. The bruises on her left leg have no such disguise. But even in her most painful moment, Hernandez found strength in her faith.

"Oh I was so scared," she said. "I thought that I was going to lose my legs, but I think God helped me and that was a miracle."

Action News talked to investigators Friday and they confirmed they have a suspect in mind. We dug up some background information on him. He has a long criminal history and already had a warrant out for his arrest.

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