Hanford authorities look to curb crime

FRESNO, Calif.

On Saturday, officers targeted neighborhoods where crime is on the rise.

Working in teams police went door to door to curb crime in the eastern part of Hanford. The area has recently seen a spike in criminals moving in from bigger cities. "There have always been gangs in Hanford but we are seeing an influx of people coming to Hanford. With AB109 and realignment, it looks like people going to jail are getting released a lot quicker," said officer Jean Bidegary.

Hanford police responds to calls in these homes almost daily. "We have actually had complaints from neighbors saying my parents live in that area and they are afraid to come out at night because of all the gang and drug activity," said Bidegary.

Hanford police and the Kings County Gang Task Force carried out Saturday's sweep of those neighborhoods. Officers used dogs to sniff out drugs during the search. They are now seeing more people use methamphetamines and heroine. "Teenagers who are addicted to pills are turning to heroine because they can find it a lot cheaper."

Police founds one marijuana grow in the 25 houses they swept. They arrested eight people for having drugs or for parole violations.

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