Cooling problems at Fresno library

FRESNO, Calif.

Fans helped keep little Jaden and Jordan cool at the Fresno County Mosqueda branch library. Natasha Farinella and her boys are regulars at the Southeast Fresno branch.

Farinella said, "My kids like to play with these things and then I'll get books and take them home. I read to them at home. We get on the computer sometimes and I get movies."

It was much more comfortable outside rather than inside the Mosqueda branch on Monday when the air conditioning unit broke down.

The library closed early because it got too warm. While it re-opened a day later, workers kept a close eye on the thermostat.

Fresno County Library Branch Services Manager Terry Sterling said, "Basically we have a procedure in place that when the temperature is rising in any of our libraries we basically monitor it. It gets to a certain temperature in the mid 80's we start taking various steps such as shutting down the computers. They generate heat."

If it hits 88 degrees inside workers can request to again close the branch.

Sterling said a problem with the cooling unit's compressor was expected to be fixed by Wednesday to bring relief to visitors who use the library to read and escape the heat.

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