Neglected Fresno County horses need homes

FRESNO, Calif.

The Fresno County district Attorney's office is charging Kathy Jones with 15 felony counts of animal cruelty.

Six of the horses are being cared for at the Central California SPCA. Three others are being cared for at the Silver Wings Horse Rescue near Sanger. In the past year only five of the animals have been adopted. Two died while being removed from the ranch.

The SPCA's Beth Caffrey says the survivors have made a remarkable recovery. "The situation is that they are in really good health, they are doing very well, and they've turned around from what they were in a year ago."

But because of a lengthy investigation it took a year for charges to be filed against the owner, Kathy Jones. Her attorney, John Abel told Action News Jones had serious financial problems, which contributed to the horses care. But He also disputed reports that all of the horses were in bad shape. Jones will appear in court to answer to the charges later this month.

While this case goes through the legal system, six horses at the SPCA and three at silver wings rescue are waiting to be adopted.

"What they really need are homes. So we are looking for great homes that have the space and take care of them maintain them as well as give them the veterinary care they need," said Caffrey. "On an ongoing basis."

Short of new homes, both the SPCA and Silver Wings Horse Rescue will accept donations to help care for these animals.

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