Kai murder investigation details revealed

FRESNO, California

Investigators in New Jersey are revealing details of the investigation which led to his arrest, and the help they got from Fresno County.

Caleb Lawrence McGillivary -- better known as Kai the Home-free Hitchhiker -- is in jail in Philadelphia waiting for extradition to New Jersey.

Investigators tried using a phone belonging to the Fresno County district attorney's office to track Kai, but they believe he dumped it in the days after the murder. But when they went public, finding him was easy.

Police made sure Kai the hitchhiker was not home-free for long. At a Philadelphia bus depot, they rounded up their only suspect in the murder of 73-year-old Joseph Galfy.

Union County prosecutor Ted Romankow says he was flooded with tips from people in several states, but the big break came from a Starbucks in Philadelphia.

"An employee checking her smart phone saw his picture and told her supervisor and he called 911," said Romankow.

Kai spent the night after the murder at a home in Glassboro, New Jersey. Police say the three residents there didn't know they were harboring a murderer, but one says -- in retrospect, he's not surprised.

"I mean, he didn't really give any signs of it," said the man who wanted to be identified only as "Eric". "He was a nice enough guy and everything, but afterwards, it kind of made sense. You know, you go back over the stuff that he said and it kind of made sense."

The next morning, Kai posted a rhetorical question on his Facebook page, asking people what they'd do if they discovered they'd been drugged and raped. When one fan said he'd hatchet the person who did it, Kai said he liked that idea. Romankow says he's aware of the post and called it "self-serving."

Fresno defense attorney Jeff Hammerschmidt says -- if that's really what happened -- Kai could face a lesser charge like manslaughter, but he would still be in trouble.

"It really looks like an admission that he reacted to a situation he found himself in by becoming violent," he said.

Hammerschmidt also says there's almost no chance Kai will be brought back to Fresno to testify in an attempted murder trial -- which was the reason the DA's office gave Kai the phone used to track him this week. A jury would only get to hear his testimony from the bizarre preliminary hearing -- and it would be read by someone else.

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